Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tribes: Antaifasy

Today, Madagascar has 18 official tribes and Antaifasy is the first.
They are the people from Farafangana. It is located in southeast
Madagascar. They are called the people of the sand because they are
living in sandy places. Most of them are fisherman. They live in
small groups and sometimes they build their houses near the beach.
Antaifasy is of e Malagasy tribes who still practice and respect the
traditional culture because first, it is not among the tourist sites
and second they respect their elders.

Farafangana is a beautiful city and has a clean beach. Despite the
fact that it is not a tourist site it still attracts many foreigners.
It is not yet a tourist site because of its simplicity. Antaifasy
still practice and respect traditional cultures because they do not
see in their everyday life what tourists do. In Madagascar, tourism
is the main reason of losing culture. The fact of imitating tourists
creates the risk of minimizing culture until it is forgotten and lost

Antaifasy still practice traditional culture because they respect
their elders. In the Farafangana the elder is the king. He dictates
what his people should do and they follow him. He is like a president
who leads the city. His people must respect him. An example of
tradition culture which is very famous there is the circumcision or
"sambatra" and it happens every seven years. All people meet in one
place with their son's and do a ritual.

To sum up, we can see that Antaifasy is a simple people who have
strong values. They honor their ancestors. They do not have strong
tourism but this does not mean they are not developed. For them,
ancestors and culture are the most important. They respect and are
afraid about "Fihavanana" which is the center of Malagasy people's

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